Do you find yourself trying to be like someone you believe is more acceptable and more prosperous than you? Does your heart cry out for freedom to be accepted for who and what you are right where you are? I believe that most ladies feel this way at some point in their lives. But it isn’t a palatable way to live. Women who do not accept themselves and it very difficult to get along with others. Hence, you need wisdom for the moment. Not the wisdom of the world, but godly wisdom that will help you to stay focused on God’s purpose for your life. This little book of wisdom is a handbook for the 21st century lady who does not want the people around her to determine her values and behavior.

The teen years are a special and crucial time in the lifetime of anyone. The moment you leave those years, you can never return to them! But my question is: “What are the activities you are engaged in now that can make or mar your future?” As a teen girl, you need to learn to speak the truth to yourself and don’t be obsessed with what is in vogue. Let your attitude attract great friends who will add value to your life and help you achieve your dreams. Even as you grow into a woman, it is pertinent that you develop the leadership ability in you to become the woman you’ve always dreamed of!

All women are beautiful and I am one of them. Can you say this about yourself? You don’t have to own a million-dollar wardrobe. It is not bad to apply all the facial make ups and the likes, but more importantly is
radiating the beauty from within; exhibiting certain virtues that can stand the test of time. A beautiful container with a poisonous content is a calamity about to happen. When ladies feel they are not beautiful, they suffer a lowself esteem which in turn affects all areas of their lives.
Learn to make use of this period of ‘waiting’ to work on building godly
virtues and characters like being God-fearing, submissive, diligent, gentle,
patient, humble, intelligent, faithful, trustworthy, etc. Godly characters and virtues make us valuable and outstanding! It connotes responsibility! It advertises you and gets you noticed. Every godly man desires a godly woman with moral virtues and character. Likewise, every godly woman desires a godly man! Beauty is about character!

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Confidence is about being positive in what you can do and not worrying over what you cannot do. A wise teenage girl knows that confidence in God is a key factor that can help her radiate her true beauty. Too many young girls are not
living their dreams because they are living in fear. A confident teenage girl will not compromise her standards because of what her friends would say.
It is however important to note that a fearful girl can never reach her potentials. If Queen Esther was fearful, she wouldn’t have been a deliverer to her people. This is because fear would make you stay at ease in your comfort zone and hinder you from trying something new or different. Either way, it is your choice! Anyone who is confident stays positive.

Without inspirations there are no aspirations! One of the ways to encourage yourself is to read about individuals who have displayed exceptional courage. Humans are naturally inspired by masterminds. Women who have settled as failures are women who haven’t learnt how to transform their lives. Even successful women have failed at different times in their lives because they didn’t have the right information or they didn’t meet the right person to guide them. This book seeks to sensitize the mind of young women to set out to achieve their dreams for nothing is impossible if they set their mind on it. This book serves as a reference to the lives of successful women as a guide for the aspiring young woman to believe that she can also make an impact with the help of God.
If you are the only woman you know who is aspiring, don’t be discouraged
– you will be the only one who will make a difference. Take a stand now!
Don’t read the stories of these great women just for the fun of it; learn the
lessons therein. Learn from their setbacks and their drive for success.