Our Work

Towards Adding Value to Womanhood; we are passionate about the following:

Our services:

  1. Promoting women advancement through seminars, trainings, conferences, and workshops.
  2. Proactively working towards empowering young females socially, morally, spiritually, economically & career wise.
  3. Initiating career & entrepreneurial mentoring for sustainable national development.
  4. Providing guidance and counselling on prostitution, drug problems & other social vices etc.
  5. Re-orientate and mentor a good number of adolescent girls quarterly.

Our Objectives

Ladies Helpline Initiative (LHI) is primarily charged with the responsibility of stimulating consciousness towards the attainment of higher levels of development for young Nigerian women.

In order to achieve this, LHI (Ladies Helpline Initiative) seek to deliver the following:

  1. Provide guidance and counselling on prostitution, drug problems etc
  2. Re-orientate and mentor two hundred (200) adolescent girls quarterly
  3. Enhance consistent awareness on the dangers of unsafe abortion practices.
  4. Create awareness on the need to abstain from pre-marital sex which has led to a lot of unwanted pregnancies.
  5. Advocacy and sensitization programme on capacity building through our professional resource teams.
  6. Establish effective linkages between young females and women entrepreneurs to enhance productive mentoring.
  7. Enhance career support and solutions to female adolescent.


  1. Capacity building programs for young females
  2. Health management for girls
  3. Productive mentorship programs
  4. Entrepreneurial & career solutions for female youth
  5. Advocacy for female Empowerment in line with Sustainable Development Goals