LHI Leadership Institute

is an initiative to raise a community of creative global women leaders within our sphere of influence all over the world.

Ladies Helpline Leadership Institute (LAHLI)

is an initiative to raise a community of creative global women leaders within our sphere of influence all over the world. The vision of LAHLI (Ladies Helpline Leadership Institute) is to equip girls from all over the world with the confidence and skills they need to become our next generation of female leaders. Our programs bring together girls from all over the world to learn about how to make a difference, find their strengths, and meet other exceptional girls and women who are moving and shaking their communities.

We bring together a group of diverse girls for empowerment, leadership training, fun, support and inspiration. We learn together, try new things, help each other out, and take on challenges. Our events support Young girls as they endeavour to apply what they’ve learned, shine their light and be the change in their worlds.      


GIRLS Grow Confidence              

Confidence is a game changer when it comes to success and happiness in your life. Learn about yourself and make new friends in a friendly and supportive environment. Exceed your expectations. A wise man once said, “Whatever the mind of a man can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve”!

Be inspired

Learn from inspiring female leaders including from around the world. ​Our power mentor platforms are always moderated by professionals and experts – so you can ask the questions that really matter to you!

Be the change

LAHLI girls are tomorrow’s revolutionary makers! Our participants take the skills and confidence they’ve learned home to their communities. Drawing strength and resources from our network of girls and women, LAHLI girls are creating a wave of positive change.

GIRLS Get Equipped

With hands-on leadership experience, practice public speaking, improve your innovation and entrepreneurial skills, and learn how to take action on global and local issues.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are girls being equipped for?

Girls who come to LAHLI may each have their own visions or ideas about what they’d like to be equipped for. Young girls gear up for school or for leadership, for action and for change. However, individuals’ perspective differs!

How old do I have to be to participate?

LAHLI welcomes any interested girl from anywhere in the world aged 13-19.

My school is still on but I want to participate!

We have made an effort to find a date that suits a wide variety of students. If you want to participate in the academy, the LAHLI team is committed to helping make that possible and to find a solution for you to attend the academy and continue to excel at school because of its valuable and complimentary leadership content.

What about programs for boys? Boys need this too!

We completely agree and believe that it will take all of us – boys and girls, men and women, working together to make a sustainable and positive impact in the world. LAHLI focuses on empowering girls because there is still a great lack of female leaders all over the world. Our goal is to equip girls with the necessary skills and inspire them to use their voices so that they may be equally represented in the very important conversations on every level of society that mould our lives every day. We believe that this will have a long-term benefit to boys and girls, women and men, alike.

Are corporate and private sponsors welcomed?

Corporate and individual sponsors can help give girls in their home communities or in conflicted regions the chance to experience the life-changing summer academy by funding scholarships. LAHLI scholarship participants are today’s budding social entrepreneurs, community activists, and innovative dreamers.